GIF  Animation ​​

Add a fully animated overlay or background to your GIF's and these digital shareable will not only pop—they will explode! 

Social Media

You can now upload your photos from our social media station.  With our social media integration options, you can considerably further the reach of your brand and event, or just add another fun element to your wedding or party through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our advanced software makes it easy for your guests to share their excitement for your event to their networks, and presents another fun interactive element to your photo booth.   

ABQ Photo Booths

Green Screen 

​The green screen process cuts the subjects out and transports them to a predetermined location (such as- Vegas, Paris, Hawaii). Your guests will have a blast with this unique feature.​​​​​ When booking your event make sure to request this element. 

Abq Photo Booths in Albuquerque

ABQ Photo Booths in Albuquerque 


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